• maat Smart City Europe is a leader in "Smart city as a Service" model (SCaaS) and leader in financing models for Smart Cities projects
  • Multi-year Public Private Partnerships with cities and municipalities / Concession Smart City model proposal for cities
  1. maat Smart City Europe is a holistic smart city integrator partnering with some of the key Smart Cities Players in the world
  2. maat engages in long-term Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with cities, local authorities, and transport authorities to transform a city's utilities, smart infrastructure and communication buses and other municipal assets into a connected digital platform to integrate and deploy Smart City services and advertising.
  3. The maat Smart City Europe model is unique – we provide the assets and infrastructure necessary to create a connected smart city network for multiple applications.
  4. maat offers numerous combinations of products to meet your city's unique needs.and transform a municipaltie's utilities, infrastructure and other municipal assets into a connected digital platform to integrate and deploy Smart City services.
  5. The result enables cross-departmental integration that forms the basis of a holistic Smart City.

Conceived to produce, offer and consume things as a service, under the premise of self-provision and pay-per-use; promoting the development of new business models based on the Digital Economy

  • Tangible Solutions

     To definitively access the world of innovation and interaction

     Obtaining advantages and benefits presented in a configurable, elastic, intuitive and easy to operate environment

  • Elastic Solutions

     Not worrying about initial investments that block deployment, not worrying about having to manage technological infrastructures, not worrying about sizing for peaks when most of the efforts are applied in the valleys

  • Componentizable Solutions

     The Platform components present a functional richness of maximum depth. They are all oriented to work in an integrated and harmonious way; which added to its reusable nature; results in a FRAMEWORK able to modeling any kind  of business in any sector of Activity

  • Interoperable Solutions

     Anyone who does not have the capacity to share data, exchange information and knowledge or integrate with other sources of information will inevitably see their competitive capacity reduced and will have to assume the risk of being definitively isolated

     Consequently, it is imperative that the Information Systems we manage have the ability to obtain information from different sources through the interfaces they publish, although it is even more significant that our Information Systems structure the information so that it can be interpreted by third parties who they need to connect with us in an organized and secure way

  • Turnkey Solutions

     Project Consulting that allows you to find THE MOST OPTIMAL OPTION to undertake your deployment

     Our clients will have at their disposal our TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM and the competition of the PROFESSIONAL PROFILES of OUR MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM, which are necessary, to carry out the project.

Grupo maat promotes an interaction space designed for organizations and individuals to interact in a safe and reliable environment, promoting the creation of new forms of relationships without limits, authentic “Value Networks” capable of supporting the demands of an increasingly demanding, intelligent and integrated market