The Mineral Value Chain

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#openmaat MINERALS by TRADEChain is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive solution offering to our customer and partners throughout the value chain- From Extractor to End User!

#openmaat MINERALS by TRADEChain is a multi-faceted business conglomerate managing complete supply chain dynamics for gold, diamonds and semi-precious gems across the globe. From upstream mining & sourcing, mid-stream processing & manufacturing to downstream retail & trading.

Driven by a dedicated and passionate management team with vast industry specific experience and supported by reliable long term strategic partners #openmaat MINERALS by TRADEChain has positioned itself a true market leader with physical presence in all major producing countries around the world, growing and thriving every day to better serve our customer!

Company Profile

#openmaat MINERALS operates from their offices in Istanbul within Turkey.

#openmaat MINERALS directors have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise behind them and are quickly developing a growing reputation as one of the safest and most reputed gold trading companies in Europe and the Middle East. Their database of client’s is growing at an exponential rate and should continue to do so for years to come.

#openmaat MINERALS  provides and offers a wide range of services and solutions to all their client’s, whether you are a miner or seller, a trader or investor, #openmaat MINERALS can help provide the support required through their team of decided experts from the precious metal industry and mining industry to enhance your business needs.

The rapid growing of #openmaat MINERALS can be attributed t the high standards in which they conduct their business. #openmaat MINERALS has the ability to expand their operations from Gold to other precious metals such as silver, palladium and platinum. In addition to metals they can import and trade precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies, that are all factored into the growth and expansion of #openmaat MINERALS