TradeChain a BlockChain Intelligent Assets Solution for Unlocking the Circular Economy Potential

TradeChain allows the incorporation of intelligent assets into the  built environment goes beyond improving energy  efficiency. It is reshaping both asset utilization and material management within the sector. 

TradeChain connects  infrastructures components to enable the wider use of performance contracts  and predictive maintenance schemes while at the  same time dramatically increasing the potential  for improved asset utilization through sharing.

TradeChain entails a built environment that is flexible and modifiable and which, through its  interconnectivity, can feed wider systems (the city or the traffic grid) with information that enhances  both traffic management and urban planning.

TradeChain Intelligent Assets allows building service providers and construction companies that are already using IoT to optimize  the energy efficiency of buildings and larger communal  systems (such as street lighting). Large building service  providers, such as Johnson Controls and Honeywell, use IoT to help the tenants of their buildings to reduce the  cost of their energy bills, while enabling utilities providers  to better plan their energy production and avoid wasteful peaks

TradeChain is changing how materials are maintained and reused  In a more novel approach, intelligent assets are now increasingly being deployed to address the sources of waste and resource inefficiencies at several stages across an asset’s use cycle.

TradeChain allows knowing the location of building components as well as their condition gives asset owners  unprecedented monitoring capabilities, enabling both  new business and financial models.

TradeChain fosters models to enable extended use cycles of buildings as well as improved  potential to loop or cascade building components and materials in new use cycles at the end of the infrastructure components use