maatGroup´s Vision

Aware of the superlative role that Technology currently acquires as a facilitator of the disintermediation process that is transforming the activity of traditional actors in the Financial Sector derived from “Cloud Services”, maatGroup has focused its effort on the redesign of Traditional Systems in order to play a key role in promoting and improving the competitiveness of Financial Institutions and in the development of the sector from a FinTech perspective

  • FinTech supposes in practice the redefinition of the financial system and therefore a repositioning in the entire value chain of the services offered by this sector; giving a turn to the sense that the technological infrastructure and the emergence of new business models in a sector traditionally managed by the Bank and not very accessible for small operators.
  • The movements that Investment Funds and Venture Capital are channeling to accelerate FinTech projects, demonstrates the unstoppable projection that the subsector has, with the foreseeable increase in competitiveness and transparency aimed at improving the client experience

Based on the experiences and knowledge collected for almost two decades, maatGroup has developed the SIGTB Platform, a comprehensive Cloud Computing expression, end to end, flexible, scalable, granular, multi-channel and interoperable based on Industry Standards